Leggings Design Comp

Time for a competition I think.  You’ve all seen my AWESOME Wild Bangarang leggings I’m sure……….well how about some studio specific ones? *sorry gents probably a girl thing….but hey if you’re into leggings 😉 *  I am challenging you guys to design a pair of leggings for our studio.  But you have to promise to buy a pair of the winning design 😉 For them to happen we need at least 20 pairs ordering.

So if you are feeling creative use this template:

legging template

The criteria:

Has to have purple colouring *DUH*

Has to relate to A Pole New Adventure

Needs to include either “APNA” or “A Pole New Adventure” in the design too.

You have until February 28th 2015 to send your design to apolenewadventure@gmail.com the top 5 will be posted on the Studio page and the favourite will be sent to Adam to be made!!!!

The person who designs the favourites will get a free pair too 😉