Long time no speak

Well now.  I really haven’t kept up with this whole newsletter thing.  2016 has been utterly epic for APNA with new instructors and the return of Pole 4 Purpose (which btw raised over £1200!!!!!).

So A Pole New Adventure has been running for nearly 5 years.  I have always run it as a passion and will continue to do so.  In order to do that changes are going to be made.

Most will be fun like set class themes including the return of *Hair and Heels*, Floor and Flow classes will become regular as will Reggaeton and Routine sessions.  We are also going to introduce set courses with set levels.  More information on those will be shared as soon as I’ve clarified it all.  If you know of anyone who would like to use the studio for parties other types of class let me know as the space is there 😉 For those of you training for comps etc the studio will continue to offer the *honesty box* system so you can train at the studio outside of class times.

The not so fun part is that as of 1st January I will be increasing my class prices.

I am still the only studio offering student prices, block bookings and memberships in Sheffield and it’ll still be the amazing playground you’ve had for all this time.

The new prices will be:

  • Regular classes – £8 (£6 students)
  • 1-2-1 sessions – £20 per hour
  • Studio hire – £15 per hour, £50 half day, £90 full day
  • 10 class pass – £70 regular (£50 students)
  • Silver membership (12 month minimum, 9m students) – £45pm (£35pm students)
  • Silver pass PAYG (30 days rolling) – £50 (£45 students)
  • Gold membership (12 month minimum, 9m students) – £55pm (£45pm students)
  • Gold pass PAYG (30 days rolling) – £50 (£45 students)
  • Platinum membership (12 month minimum, 9m students) – £70pm (£60pm students)
  • Platinum pass PAYG (30 days rolling) – £80 (£70 students)

To soften the blow slightly of this there will be some special offers throughout January including money off your membership if you bring a (new) friend 😉

Hope you all have an awesome Christmas and New Year guys.


Pole people you should know pt 1

It really saddens me when I talk about a poler who is pretty damn famous and I see a blank face in front of me.  Normal out of the studio but within the studio I’d hope that you do actually research pole?

I’ve decided that every week I am going to write a little something about pole dancers you should know of.

This is mainly famous pole dancers and people of great importance to me in my pole career thus far but you will get the gist eventually 😉

The first fabulous poler I am going to tell you about is:



Now you will hear me talk about this woman A LOT!!!! She has kept me in the pole world and has single handedly kicked my arse for quite a while now!  She is very much my pole-mum and by extension your pole-nana (sorry Donna).

Her official biography is:

Donna has been pole dancing for more than 14 yrs now and is known well for her crazy spin combinations, spotting course, instructor training and choreographer and trainer for World Pole Dance

Her experience is as follows
2006 Mpd Finalist
2007 Vertical Dance winner
2008 Opening performer at Pole divas
2008 Mpd Doubles Champion
2009 Mpd Uk Judge
2010 UKAPP Judge
2011 World Pole Dance Judge
2011 UKAPP Judge, Bucks Judge UKPPC Judge
2012 EPDC Judge, Bucks Judge ,All Ireland Judge, UKPPC Judge, Midlands P.C Judge
2013 UKAPP Judge, MPD Semi Pro Judge
2014 Pole Theatre Finalist

Pretty damn substantial really isn’t it 😉 Oh She’s also damn good at hoop.

Why should you know of her?

Pretty much ANY big name in the UK looks to her for advice and training.

She also raised thousands last year by competing in Pole theatre.  Her routine brought me to tears, check it out here.

So pole dancer you SHOULD know Number 1 is DONNA GANT

Why do we host and promote workshops?

You’d think right well my instructor knows all I need to know so workshops are a waste of my time and money……Erm NO!!

Don’t get me wrong I do know a lot about pole and different ways in and out of moves etc BUT my word there is a whole WORLD of pole out there and I would never claim to know it all.

If your instructor does claim to know it all they are a liar! No one instructor knows EVERYTHING.

A sign of a good instructor is one who knows their limitations and where to direct their students on to get the level they want.

At our playground I will only every host workshops I believe are suitable for the students who come to the studio.  While the invitation is extended out of our bubble I plan them all with YOU in mind.  I wouldn’t get a big name instructor into our studio who I thought would demean you or make you feel crap about yourself.  No one wants that from a workshop.

Over the past 7 years I have attended workshops with pretty much every big name out there, some were incredible because they actually cared about teaching and everyone getting the most from the class, others were depressingly SHIT where I left them feeling like I could never be good enough.  I’ve had enough experience to know that when I pick out these workshops I know who will benefit most and I nag you to attend.  Yes they cost extra, Yes they are quite long BUT oh my word they are so worth it!

If you can leave a workshop feeling inspired and probably battered then you have done something awesome!

I will never book a workshop with an ego, someone who expects people to attend just because they are the winner of x,y,z…I couldn’t give 2 shits about that.  I want people in who will inspire and push you and show you more things that you could achieve.

Speaking of which we still have spaces on:

Sam Willis and Donna Gant – 7th Feb THIS SATURDAY!!! Sam is actually bloody incredible on the pole he is also a damn good instructor anyone who can make me do a move I really don’t want to do deserves respect 😉 Donna you have all heard me talk about I love this woman so much!  I wouldn’t be poling still if it wasn’t for her! She is my pole mum through and through and I have the utmost respect for her teaching!

Bendy Kate – 7th March Okay a say awards don’t mean jack but this woman is the bloody world champion!!!! But not only that she is also an incredible instructor.  She was the first *celeb* instructor that actually took the time to work out why a move wasn’t working for me (bloody t-rex arms!) and adapted it so I could still participate!  From that day I fully respected this woman! She is also ridiculously nice and has the cutest dog in the world!

I am in the process of booking more workshops too but they are still being arranged so I can’t tell you yet but you can bet your ass they’ll be worth it! 😉



2014 was epic right? So what’s going to happen in 2015?

So what happened in 2014?

Wowsers so much!  good and bad but guess what we are Still Around and STILL awesome 🙂

  • We had workshops with: Donna Gant, Sarah Scott, Karen Chaundy, Deadly Nightshade not forgetting Silver Belle from Greentops too!
  • Adam Jay came to play twice this year giving you (and me) some epic photos.
  • We had not one but 8 national competition finalists.  That includes students from Uni of Sheffield AND from your instructors.
  • We broke into the burlesque scene with Two Too Many at Secrets of the Boudoir Burlesque
  • We raised over £1300 for SYEDA, Breast Cancer Care and Everyman in December working with the Uni of Sheffield producing Pole for Purpose.

Our classes changed dramatically unfortunately losing Burlesque and Bootcamp due to other commitments from Rachel and Nick but we gained Gymnastics with the Fabulous Amy joining us.

So what’ll happen in 2015?

We already have exciting things booked in! We have workshops booked in with

  • Donna Gant and Sam Willis : https://www.facebook.com/events/812051185524618/?fref=ts – Donna as many of you know is my polemummy and she is the dogs danglies!!! Anyone who is anyone has had classes from her including Sam Willis who is currently UK Mr Pole Fitness runner-up.  They will both have you doing epic tricks and spins.  I am really looking forward to it!
  • Bendy Kate: https://www.facebook.com/events/1539264229693200/ – you pretty much all met Peanut earlier this year…well her owner is Bendy Kate who won the WORLDS this year!!!! She is one of the nicest people I have ever met and she is an awesome instructor.  These workshops will sell out fast.
  • We also have Adam Jay coming back again 🙂 https://www.facebook.com/events/1391550901141344/ – You will have seen many of us posting pictures from the shoot a few weeks back.  Well you can have a go now 🙂 I don’t think anyone yet has regretted doing a photoshoot with Adam yet!  I’m predicting fights for spaces this time as so many of you were enquiring about them!

So my lovely people you need to get booking onto them.  They are there because you have asked for them.  There will be other workshops through the year but I’m not sure who yet…..

What else are we going to do then? 

Well………..Time for a competition I think.  I want you guys to design some leggings for the studio!!!!  The winner will get a free pair of course 😉

Also we are going to continue enter competitions across the UK.  If you would like to enter any comps please talk to us we are HAPPY to help you all with things like that.  Competitions are so much fun and a GREAT way to meet other polers around the country.

Pole 4 Purpose will happen again and probably will be at the Leadmill again.

Plans so far are looking so much fun.  Looking forward to seeing 2015 with you all 🙂

Look after yourselves!!!!

It’s great having a studio that’s so popular.  Honestly it is great.  I love seeing the same faces numerous times a week.

I am also noticing another pattern though.


Now I love you all dearly you know this but I would like to keep seeing you in the studio.  In order to do this you really do need to take care of yourself!


Pole is a very high impact activity.  It can burn around 400 calories per hour you do it especially when I really kick your arses!

If you have one of my memberships then you can be coming to the studio for a class at least 3 times a week and upwards of that.  It’s a LOT of work on the body.

This isn’t to say don’t do it…..It’s to say do it properly.

So how can you do this then……



  • Warm up and cool down PROPERLY! – You know who you are……there are a few of you who seem to think that because you come so often that proper warm up and cool down is not for you experienced lot….well erm…actually it is! A high impact activity needs you to be warm first.  ESPECIALLY when it’s getting colder!
  • S T R E T C H – Yes stretch.  Building muscles means you shorten them.  Stretching will enable you to increase your strength and widen your range of moves on the pole.  We have 2 very good flexi classes at the studio AND every 1.5 hour session has a stretch at the end of it.  Utilise these sessions they are good for you I promise.
  • Utilise Sports massage –  We have Ben practically on site! Maintenance massage is good every 4-6 weeks just to keep your body ticking over nicely.  If you are on one of the higher passes especially.  Get those muscles loosened BEFORE you end up injured!  He isn’t that expensive either £20 for 1/2 hour or £35 for an hour (gold and platinum passes get a discount)
  • Sort your diet out – Yes I know I am the ultimate hypocrite for this.  BUT you need to keep your body properly sustained.  If you eat a varied and balanced diet (what the hell is one of them?!)  then you should be fine BUT I know many of you don’t.  Please eat properly.  Your body really needs it.  If you can’t eat enough to boost your protein intake then look at protein powder as an addition to your diet.  That is ONLY if you don’t eat well enough though.  If you don’t need extra protein trust me your body will let you and everyone around you know!! (It expels in a very windy fashion)
  • Take rest days – Yup why would I say that…….surely I want people in my studio right? Well yes I do but I want you fully functioning ta muchly!


Okay not a wholly scientific blog but more a nagging pole mummy blog.

Well I can’t say I didn’t try

On the 11th April I wrote a blog with a transcript of what been happening with a pole society.  This was a transcript.  Not bullying or intimidation, just a transcript.  It was called Time to defend myself.  I ended that blog with a message to the pole society asking them to just talk to me.

Since then I have heard…………………………………..




Well I say nothing.  I have heard more accusations of lateness and general apathy towards the classes but an official response; nothing.

I have however checked and double checked with the management of Hallam university and they have even confirmed in writing to me that they had NO say in the classes stopping with me.

This is the last I will say on the subject as to be honest I have moved on.  I have some incredible students who have helped me through what has actually been the most challenging and emotionally difficult time I’ve had as a business owner.

A Pole New Adventure is and will continue to be a positive environment for all students.

I hope you continue with me on this journey.

P.S – This is a video shot in the studio that I think shows just what we’re about 🙂 https://vimeo.com/93523962



Important information

Recently we have been asked about the roles of trainee instructors and classroom assistants, and whether our insurance policy covers them, and classes not taught directly by Gemma. To reassure all of you, our insurance policy covers trainee instructors, both under direct supervision by a qualified instructor, and also allows them to teach alone once both they and our management are confident in their ability.

We believe in fully supporting our local pole community, and that includes students who want to start instructing. So, we have a policy of using both trainee instructors and classroom assistants, allowing them the chance to gain experience within our classes. To be clear on roles, trainee instructors have started a formal qualification or be looking to start one, whilst classroom assistants will help other members of their class in certain moves, but have not started any formal training. We have a team of qualified instructors working for us, who will teach classes that involve any moves that require formal instruction, however some classes do not involve such moves and as such there isn’t the need for a qualified pole instructor to be present.

Your safety is paramount at our studio, and we would never put you at risk through inadequate instruction – we have now ensured that all of our instructors are qualified First Aiders. If you don’t want to be taught or supported by trainee instructors or classroom assistants, please inform the qualified instructor at the start of the class, however we do think it is important for people to be given the chance to gain experience at all levels.

If you would like to find out more about this, and for any enquiries on joining our classroom assistant or trainee instructor programmes, please see Gemma!