Long time no speak

Well now.  I really haven’t kept up with this whole newsletter thing.  2016 has been utterly epic for APNA with new instructors and the return of Pole 4 Purpose (which btw raised over £1200!!!!!).

So A Pole New Adventure has been running for nearly 5 years.  I have always run it as a passion and will continue to do so.  In order to do that changes are going to be made.

Most will be fun like set class themes including the return of *Hair and Heels*, Floor and Flow classes will become regular as will Reggaeton and Routine sessions.  We are also going to introduce set courses with set levels.  More information on those will be shared as soon as I’ve clarified it all.  If you know of anyone who would like to use the studio for parties other types of class let me know as the space is there 😉 For those of you training for comps etc the studio will continue to offer the *honesty box* system so you can train at the studio outside of class times.

The not so fun part is that as of 1st January I will be increasing my class prices.

I am still the only studio offering student prices, block bookings and memberships in Sheffield and it’ll still be the amazing playground you’ve had for all this time.

The new prices will be:

  • Regular classes – £8 (£6 students)
  • 1-2-1 sessions – £20 per hour
  • Studio hire – £15 per hour, £50 half day, £90 full day
  • 10 class pass – £70 regular (£50 students)
  • Silver membership (12 month minimum, 9m students) – £45pm (£35pm students)
  • Silver pass PAYG (30 days rolling) – £50 (£45 students)
  • Gold membership (12 month minimum, 9m students) – £55pm (£45pm students)
  • Gold pass PAYG (30 days rolling) – £50 (£45 students)
  • Platinum membership (12 month minimum, 9m students) – £70pm (£60pm students)
  • Platinum pass PAYG (30 days rolling) – £80 (£70 students)

To soften the blow slightly of this there will be some special offers throughout January including money off your membership if you bring a (new) friend 😉

Hope you all have an awesome Christmas and New Year guys.


Coming up to our 2nd Birthday so what next?

I have to admit guys I feel restless.

I love our playground……it’ doing awesome but I feel like it needs something *MORE*?

What do you lot think?

What can we add to the studio to make it even more awesome?

From July I will be qualified in fitness shite so I could offer something there….but I don’t really want to…..but we need something else.

Give me a clue it’s your playground too.

Soooooo BUILDING 4!!!!


Okay from the outside the place I was looking at made me feel really doubtful…..

Went inside (the agent was pretty nice too ;-D ) and the first spaces I was looking at made me feel a little downhearted. We went into a huge hall which I’ll admit had potential but not for what I wanted.  I was told the pub nearby had put in an application for the room for live performances which I was not too disappointed about.  We went up to the next floor and this is where I fell in love!

I haven’t been this excited about a building since Building 1!!!!

There is a wonderful large are with really decent height for pole and hoop.  There are 3 other rooms that’ll be suitable for “Little Gem” a 1-2-1 room and a treatment room there is also a mini-kitchen and some loos (although they are kiddie sized atm!! LOL).  Any concerns the agents had for access and other issues we discussed and he seemed to be quite positive about me taking this space.  The clincher for me was when the agent told me he was sure the premises already had D2 permissions!!!


*fingers crossed* please people as I really want this!!