Long time no speak

Well now.  I really haven’t kept up with this whole newsletter thing.  2016 has been utterly epic for APNA with new instructors and the return of Pole 4 Purpose (which btw raised over £1200!!!!!).

So A Pole New Adventure has been running for nearly 5 years.  I have always run it as a passion and will continue to do so.  In order to do that changes are going to be made.

Most will be fun like set class themes including the return of *Hair and Heels*, Floor and Flow classes will become regular as will Reggaeton and Routine sessions.  We are also going to introduce set courses with set levels.  More information on those will be shared as soon as I’ve clarified it all.  If you know of anyone who would like to use the studio for parties other types of class let me know as the space is there 😉 For those of you training for comps etc the studio will continue to offer the *honesty box* system so you can train at the studio outside of class times.

The not so fun part is that as of 1st January I will be increasing my class prices.

I am still the only studio offering student prices, block bookings and memberships in Sheffield and it’ll still be the amazing playground you’ve had for all this time.

The new prices will be:

  • Regular classes – £8 (£6 students)
  • 1-2-1 sessions – £20 per hour
  • Studio hire – £15 per hour, £50 half day, £90 full day
  • 10 class pass – £70 regular (£50 students)
  • Silver membership (12 month minimum, 9m students) – £45pm (£35pm students)
  • Silver pass PAYG (30 days rolling) – £50 (£45 students)
  • Gold membership (12 month minimum, 9m students) – £55pm (£45pm students)
  • Gold pass PAYG (30 days rolling) – £50 (£45 students)
  • Platinum membership (12 month minimum, 9m students) – £70pm (£60pm students)
  • Platinum pass PAYG (30 days rolling) – £80 (£70 students)

To soften the blow slightly of this there will be some special offers throughout January including money off your membership if you bring a (new) friend 😉

Hope you all have an awesome Christmas and New Year guys.


Important information

Recently we have been asked about the roles of trainee instructors and classroom assistants, and whether our insurance policy covers them, and classes not taught directly by Gemma. To reassure all of you, our insurance policy covers trainee instructors, both under direct supervision by a qualified instructor, and also allows them to teach alone once both they and our management are confident in their ability.

We believe in fully supporting our local pole community, and that includes students who want to start instructing. So, we have a policy of using both trainee instructors and classroom assistants, allowing them the chance to gain experience within our classes. To be clear on roles, trainee instructors have started a formal qualification or be looking to start one, whilst classroom assistants will help other members of their class in certain moves, but have not started any formal training. We have a team of qualified instructors working for us, who will teach classes that involve any moves that require formal instruction, however some classes do not involve such moves and as such there isn’t the need for a qualified pole instructor to be present.

Your safety is paramount at our studio, and we would never put you at risk through inadequate instruction – we have now ensured that all of our instructors are qualified First Aiders. If you don’t want to be taught or supported by trainee instructors or classroom assistants, please inform the qualified instructor at the start of the class, however we do think it is important for people to be given the chance to gain experience at all levels.

If you would like to find out more about this, and for any enquiries on joining our classroom assistant or trainee instructor programmes, please see Gemma!