Pole people you should know pt 1

It really saddens me when I talk about a poler who is pretty damn famous and I see a blank face in front of me.  Normal out of the studio but within the studio I’d hope that you do actually research pole?

I’ve decided that every week I am going to write a little something about pole dancers you should know of.

This is mainly famous pole dancers and people of great importance to me in my pole career thus far but you will get the gist eventually 😉

The first fabulous poler I am going to tell you about is:



Now you will hear me talk about this woman A LOT!!!! She has kept me in the pole world and has single handedly kicked my arse for quite a while now!  She is very much my pole-mum and by extension your pole-nana (sorry Donna).

Her official biography is:

Donna has been pole dancing for more than 14 yrs now and is known well for her crazy spin combinations, spotting course, instructor training and choreographer and trainer for World Pole Dance

Her experience is as follows
2006 Mpd Finalist
2007 Vertical Dance winner
2008 Opening performer at Pole divas
2008 Mpd Doubles Champion
2009 Mpd Uk Judge
2010 UKAPP Judge
2011 World Pole Dance Judge
2011 UKAPP Judge, Bucks Judge UKPPC Judge
2012 EPDC Judge, Bucks Judge ,All Ireland Judge, UKPPC Judge, Midlands P.C Judge
2013 UKAPP Judge, MPD Semi Pro Judge
2014 Pole Theatre Finalist

Pretty damn substantial really isn’t it 😉 Oh She’s also damn good at hoop.

Why should you know of her?

Pretty much ANY big name in the UK looks to her for advice and training.

She also raised thousands last year by competing in Pole theatre.  Her routine brought me to tears, check it out here.

So pole dancer you SHOULD know Number 1 is DONNA GANT


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