Why do we host and promote workshops?

You’d think right well my instructor knows all I need to know so workshops are a waste of my time and money……Erm NO!!

Don’t get me wrong I do know a lot about pole and different ways in and out of moves etc BUT my word there is a whole WORLD of pole out there and I would never claim to know it all.

If your instructor does claim to know it all they are a liar! No one instructor knows EVERYTHING.

A sign of a good instructor is one who knows their limitations and where to direct their students on to get the level they want.

At our playground I will only every host workshops I believe are suitable for the students who come to the studio.  While the invitation is extended out of our bubble I plan them all with YOU in mind.  I wouldn’t get a big name instructor into our studio who I thought would demean you or make you feel crap about yourself.  No one wants that from a workshop.

Over the past 7 years I have attended workshops with pretty much every big name out there, some were incredible because they actually cared about teaching and everyone getting the most from the class, others were depressingly SHIT where I left them feeling like I could never be good enough.  I’ve had enough experience to know that when I pick out these workshops I know who will benefit most and I nag you to attend.  Yes they cost extra, Yes they are quite long BUT oh my word they are so worth it!

If you can leave a workshop feeling inspired and probably battered then you have done something awesome!

I will never book a workshop with an ego, someone who expects people to attend just because they are the winner of x,y,z…I couldn’t give 2 shits about that.  I want people in who will inspire and push you and show you more things that you could achieve.

Speaking of which we still have spaces on:

Sam Willis and Donna Gant – 7th Feb THIS SATURDAY!!! Sam is actually bloody incredible on the pole he is also a damn good instructor anyone who can make me do a move I really don’t want to do deserves respect 😉 Donna you have all heard me talk about I love this woman so much!  I wouldn’t be poling still if it wasn’t for her! She is my pole mum through and through and I have the utmost respect for her teaching!

Bendy Kate – 7th March Okay a say awards don’t mean jack but this woman is the bloody world champion!!!! But not only that she is also an incredible instructor.  She was the first *celeb* instructor that actually took the time to work out why a move wasn’t working for me (bloody t-rex arms!) and adapted it so I could still participate!  From that day I fully respected this woman! She is also ridiculously nice and has the cutest dog in the world!

I am in the process of booking more workshops too but they are still being arranged so I can’t tell you yet but you can bet your ass they’ll be worth it! 😉




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