Look after yourselves!!!!

It’s great having a studio that’s so popular.  Honestly it is great.  I love seeing the same faces numerous times a week.

I am also noticing another pattern though.


Now I love you all dearly you know this but I would like to keep seeing you in the studio.  In order to do this you really do need to take care of yourself!


Pole is a very high impact activity.  It can burn around 400 calories per hour you do it especially when I really kick your arses!

If you have one of my memberships then you can be coming to the studio for a class at least 3 times a week and upwards of that.  It’s a LOT of work on the body.

This isn’t to say don’t do it…..It’s to say do it properly.

So how can you do this then……



  • Warm up and cool down PROPERLY! – You know who you are……there are a few of you who seem to think that because you come so often that proper warm up and cool down is not for you experienced lot….well erm…actually it is! A high impact activity needs you to be warm first.  ESPECIALLY when it’s getting colder!
  • S T R E T C H – Yes stretch.  Building muscles means you shorten them.  Stretching will enable you to increase your strength and widen your range of moves on the pole.  We have 2 very good flexi classes at the studio AND every 1.5 hour session has a stretch at the end of it.  Utilise these sessions they are good for you I promise.
  • Utilise Sports massage –  We have Ben practically on site! Maintenance massage is good every 4-6 weeks just to keep your body ticking over nicely.  If you are on one of the higher passes especially.  Get those muscles loosened BEFORE you end up injured!  He isn’t that expensive either £20 for 1/2 hour or £35 for an hour (gold and platinum passes get a discount)
  • Sort your diet out – Yes I know I am the ultimate hypocrite for this.  BUT you need to keep your body properly sustained.  If you eat a varied and balanced diet (what the hell is one of them?!)  then you should be fine BUT I know many of you don’t.  Please eat properly.  Your body really needs it.  If you can’t eat enough to boost your protein intake then look at protein powder as an addition to your diet.  That is ONLY if you don’t eat well enough though.  If you don’t need extra protein trust me your body will let you and everyone around you know!! (It expels in a very windy fashion)
  • Take rest days – Yup why would I say that…….surely I want people in my studio right? Well yes I do but I want you fully functioning ta muchly!


Okay not a wholly scientific blog but more a nagging pole mummy blog.


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