A Pole New Adventure Monthly Pass Policy

Recently it seems there’s been some confusion over our monthly passes, and what they mean. We have two main types of pass, which have three different levels, and for each we offer a discounted student version.


  • Monthly Contract passes (starting from £27 for students, £35 for non-students) are passes that you commit to buying for a whole year. The price you pay each month is discounted, because you have made a commitment to buying it for the whole year, even if there are months that you might be away.  I will make allowances for student academic years and freeze the account over the summer break but only if you talk to me first.   
  • One month passes (starting from £35 for students, £40 for non-students) are passes that only last one month. You get the flexibility of buying a pass only when you want to, but because you haven’t made a commitment to keep on buying the pass, we don’t offer that extra discount that the Monthly Contract pass gets. 

If you are thinking of getting a pass, we want you to make the right choice for you, so we have removed the option to pay by cash when setting up a Monthly Contract pass. That way, the commitment is clear for both you and us! Monthly Contract passes offer the best value for money because we make our long-term plans based on that income – if you don’t want to make the long-term commitment to buying a pass every month, then it doesn’t help you or us if you just change your mind! But, if it turns out you don’t want to keep that commitment going, then we can remove the pass from your account, and you won’t continue to be billed for it But you must speak to us first.  Please don’t assume that as you haven’t attended for a while we’ll “take the hint”. 

We don’t have any cancellation fee because we know people’s situations can change quickly, and we think there are more important things than money! But, we will need to cancel a pass if you can’t keep up the payments on it.

Please note payments need to be made promptly or we may need to remove the option of PayPal.  


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