We seem to be getting somewhere

Building 6 &7…..

Building 7 I didn’t see as apparently the owners had let it out already.  It had already been a pole studio in the past in fact the former name was still on the name plate!  I wouldn’t have taken it even if it had been okay.

Building 6 has the most HIDEOUS suspended ceiling I have ever seen in my life!  I mean hideous!  The floor is a little bit rank but the building has been empty for 3 years!  Luckily a few of the tiles had been moved so I could see that the ceiling was actually quite high.  The potential is definitely there.  It has a kitchen and another room attached that can be used for 1-2-1’s etc.  So I have put an offer in.  No faffing about with bartering I have straight out offered what they asked as it’s pretty reasonable.

Getting a new building will give the studio an opportunity to fulfil its real potential.  I am so frustrated at not being able to operate at my full capacity as an instructor.

If my offer is accepted you will probably hear me screaming with excitement from where ever you are!


An interesting development for APNA is that from Wednesday I will be teaching 6 classes a week for the Sheffield Hallam Pole Fitness Society.  This will be great fun.  I love watching people develop in classes it’s so much fun.

The major major thing that is going to happen in the next few weeks is a charity showcase event called Pole 4 Purpose.  I have run this event for 3 years now and this year is going to be the biggest yet!  This is the first time I have my own students performing!!  I am so proud of them already for even signing up.

We have also added a new charity to the beneficiaries. SYEDA.  As I’ve said before a few students have used their services and they do some fabulous work.

Getting all excited about it.  If people want to come along then tickets are only £5!!  We have over £900 worth of raffle prizes too £1 a ticket!!

Please keep your fingers crossed I get my new building it’s needed!! 


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