A more rational post…..

Okay after the disappointment of the other day I was ready to give up….

Then I had a class come in and I was just so happy teaching I couldn’t picture myself not in this role anymore.

I spoke to the agent about it all and he told me that currently Building 4 was 1 complete building, the owners didn’t want to get into the admin nightmare of splitting the building up and sorting meters and business rates for each section.  However they own a lot of buildings in that area and they were willing for me to have another space just yards away from building 4.

So yesterday I went to view building 5.  I didn’t have much hope as to many letdowns has left me a little jaded.  The space was listed as offices so my thoughts were of horrible flouresent lighting and HORRIBLE suspended ceilings (seriously guys why ruin beautiful buildings with that stuff?).  So someone should really have taken a photo of my face when I walked into this place as it will have been an absolute picture!  It’s immaculate! I could literally rock up with the poles and start tomorrow!

Oh man I am in dreamland over this place…….now I’m into rent negotiations 🙂 If my offer is accepted the A Pole New Adventure expands into new premises in WEEKS!!!!!




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