Why this picture upsets me.

This picture appeared on my wall today……initially I though Oh well done you lost 110lbs….then I looked again and realised that this person just didn’t look healthy.

I know the whole strong is the new skinny is a mantra of the pole world atm but this takes things a bit far.

There is nothing about jealousy or envy in this it is pure worry that women feel they need to look like this to look ‘good’

A Pole New Adventure is looking to work with a charity in Sheffield called SYEDA (South Yorkshire Eating Disorder Association) the reason I want to work with them is I want people to be empowered about what THEY look like.  Feel comfortable in THEIR skin not what society tells them their skin should be.  We have a few student who are in the recovery process from eating disorders pictures like this almost reinforce their altered body perception but what exactly is wrong with it?

I really do think it’s well done to this person that she has lost 110lbs that is a lot of weight and it is fantastic she was motivated enough to do something about her body.  BUT there appears to be NO FAT AT ALL!  This is bad!  Contrary to what everyone seems to believe the body does need *some* fat to maintain its functions.  Even muscles need fat! This person seems to have taken it all just too far.  Yes fair enough she is in the ‘inbetween’ stage for muscle definition but seriously…..no healthy persons legs should have a gap like that.  I would hate to think what this ladies hormones are doing right now.

Please ladies and gents respect your bodies!  You only get one and if you screw it over it’s not easily replaced.



I challenged the person who posted the picture and this was her reply:




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