What a week!!

Well it would seem nearly 2 weeks, lol

Building 5….lets just say that I am still rather furious with the owners of it as they are ignorant fools.  Everything was going well rent offer in just awaiting a decision then I get an email saying the offer needed to include business rates and other things.  I argued back as being a small business I can get small business rates relief but I did offer some more money for bits I’d forgotten.  I then get a message saying people coming and going like that would make the rest of the building unable to be let out!! The reason this made me so cross is that the previous tenant was a drug rehab charity!!!

So I was basically informed that my pole dance students are lower than drug users in rehab?

Needless to say I am not pleased. 

I am still looking for a new place and have 2 viewings on Tuesday the agent knows what I need so *fingers crossed*

A friend of mine is so annoyed on my behalf he is willing to write a testimonial and use his contacts to help get me a place.  It’s great to know I have friends like that 🙂


Last weekend 22-23rd I went to the new X-Pole Development Centre to take part in the X-pert Pole Fitness Training course.  I was TERRIFIED.  I needn’t have been though.  The lovely Suzie Q was there taking part in the training and the Awesome Marlo Fisken ran the training with Jo Dandridge and Sarah Scott assisting.  I ached like mad after it all.  Ultimately though I did pass and that means that I am the ‘ONLY’ X-pert Pole Fitness Qualified Instructor in the north I believe 🙂 Quite a title!

This week Freshers came back.  On tuesday I attended the activities fair with the other instructor who will also be teaching them.  I think it went well seeing as over 300 people signed up!  

Then Thursday I was at the O2 academy with their alternative freshers fair.  it went well with more than 100 people for me to contact 🙂 my only frustration with the event was that Villa Mercedes were there too.  Now I have no issue with those clubs existing BUT is it really appropriate for a strip club to be RECRUITING at a student freshers fair? I don’t think so…..still working out what to do with that…

I shall finish this mammoth post with a HUGE THANK YOU!!! to my fabulous students and friends who have helped me move stages and promoted the studio this week.  I will continue trying to make it even more awesome for you all!


A more rational post…..

Okay after the disappointment of the other day I was ready to give up….

Then I had a class come in and I was just so happy teaching I couldn’t picture myself not in this role anymore.

I spoke to the agent about it all and he told me that currently Building 4 was 1 complete building, the owners didn’t want to get into the admin nightmare of splitting the building up and sorting meters and business rates for each section.  However they own a lot of buildings in that area and they were willing for me to have another space just yards away from building 4.

So yesterday I went to view building 5.  I didn’t have much hope as to many letdowns has left me a little jaded.  The space was listed as offices so my thoughts were of horrible flouresent lighting and HORRIBLE suspended ceilings (seriously guys why ruin beautiful buildings with that stuff?).  So someone should really have taken a photo of my face when I walked into this place as it will have been an absolute picture!  It’s immaculate! I could literally rock up with the poles and start tomorrow!

Oh man I am in dreamland over this place…….now I’m into rent negotiations 🙂 If my offer is accepted the A Pole New Adventure expands into new premises in WEEKS!!!!!



Upcoming events :-)


After my last post got the negativity out of my system I am thinking positively again.

No news about building 4 but I can keep hoping.

I wanted to let you all know about the other things A Pole New Adventure can offer.

On September 27th we will have a stand at the Alternative Freshers Fayre at the O2 Academy so come along and see us.

We are also performing at a Masquerade Ball on the 10th November in aid of Weston Park hospital.

In between these two events there is also a massive charity showcase Pole 4 Purpose on the 27th October with over 27 performers from across the UK.  This is to raise money for Tickled Pink, Everyman and SYEDA.

We look forward to seeing you there.



Why this picture upsets me.

This picture appeared on my wall today……initially I though Oh well done you lost 110lbs….then I looked again and realised that this person just didn’t look healthy.

I know the whole strong is the new skinny is a mantra of the pole world atm but this takes things a bit far.

There is nothing about jealousy or envy in this it is pure worry that women feel they need to look like this to look ‘good’

A Pole New Adventure is looking to work with a charity in Sheffield called SYEDA (South Yorkshire Eating Disorder Association) the reason I want to work with them is I want people to be empowered about what THEY look like.  Feel comfortable in THEIR skin not what society tells them their skin should be.  We have a few student who are in the recovery process from eating disorders pictures like this almost reinforce their altered body perception but what exactly is wrong with it?

I really do think it’s well done to this person that she has lost 110lbs that is a lot of weight and it is fantastic she was motivated enough to do something about her body.  BUT there appears to be NO FAT AT ALL!  This is bad!  Contrary to what everyone seems to believe the body does need *some* fat to maintain its functions.  Even muscles need fat! This person seems to have taken it all just too far.  Yes fair enough she is in the ‘inbetween’ stage for muscle definition but seriously…..no healthy persons legs should have a gap like that.  I would hate to think what this ladies hormones are doing right now.

Please ladies and gents respect your bodies!  You only get one and if you screw it over it’s not easily replaced.



I challenged the person who posted the picture and this was her reply: