Soooooo BUILDING 4!!!!


Okay from the outside the place I was looking at made me feel really doubtful…..

Went inside (the agent was pretty nice too ;-D ) and the first spaces I was looking at made me feel a little downhearted. We went into a huge hall which I’ll admit had potential but not for what I wanted.  I was told the pub nearby had put in an application for the room for live performances which I was not too disappointed about.  We went up to the next floor and this is where I fell in love!

I haven’t been this excited about a building since Building 1!!!!

There is a wonderful large are with really decent height for pole and hoop.  There are 3 other rooms that’ll be suitable for “Little Gem” a 1-2-1 room and a treatment room there is also a mini-kitchen and some loos (although they are kiddie sized atm!! LOL).  Any concerns the agents had for access and other issues we discussed and he seemed to be quite positive about me taking this space.  The clincher for me was when the agent told me he was sure the premises already had D2 permissions!!!


*fingers crossed* please people as I really want this!!


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