Planning the BIG move!

Quite fantastically I am looking to expand my little studio after only 6 months in business!

Of course this now has started numerous headaches of actually finding premises!

I’ve been offered many places but a fair few were just too close to the other studio in the city.  I want to expand but I am not a complete bitch.  So far there have been 3 strong possibilities that would have been awesome spaces for me to work with.

Building 1> the surveyor in charge of the property became VERY sexist.  Unfortunately the wonderful health benefits of pole dancing have never reached his ears…..the sexism was more than confirmed when a male friend of mine contacted him about the same property and had a very co-operative agent *FUME*

Building 2> Absolutely FABULOUS building!! Great floor space and ceilings to die for!! The landlord decided that he didn’t want a change of use on his building that would INCREASE it’s value.  So again back to the drawing board :-/

Building 3> Quite amazing not completely what I’d want but I could have made it what I wanted.  It had great access for everyone.  The agent was positive about everything as was the landlord.  I even had planning consent in theory!  Then out of the blue the landlord changes their mind….and the agent emphasised it was NOTHING to do with what my studio was doing…..why is there a funny smell around here?

Surely it’s better for a landlord to actually be receiving money for a building rather than stressing about what I do in it?  If you’re worried come and ask me rather than jumping to conclusions!

So building 4 I am hoping to see next week I’ve been very specific that if the landlord can’t deal with a dance studio being there then don’t bother letting me see it!

Fingers crossed ey?


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